Privacy policy

Your privacy is important to me, so here is the general description of what information is collected by the site.

The content of this site is statically generated. The website, as such, doesn't record anything and changes only when a change is pushed to the GitHub repository.

The site is hosted on Azure Static websites. They could be logging some information about visitors - like IP addresses. I use only aggregated data to monitor the performance of the website. This data is discarded after 35 days.

I use Google Analytics. The purpose of this service is to gain a feedback on the popularity of pages and the ways visitors come to the site. The analytics data has statistical nature, is anonymized and is retained for 26 months.

The site contains a third party solution that allows visitors to post comments on posts - Disqus. They might set some cookies and collect some logs.

And just to make it official, this site may use cookies. If you don't agree with the use of cookies, you can disable them in your browser settings.