Wyam - Blog recipe for Azure static website

When I decided to restart my blog a month ago, I wanted to move from Blogspot and use this opportunity to try some new technologies. Static website generators always looked like a very interesting technology and my blog seemed like an ideal candidate for the first try. There are many static website generators available, the most prominent ones are Jekyll, Hugo or Next. But my eye got caught by another one - Wyam. It has nice clear documentation, seems to be well maintained and it is written in C#, so when I need, I can dive into the source code without any problems.

Hosting a static website on Azure

It has been possible to host static files in Azure Storage for a long time, but there were some limitations. Probably the most important one - you weren't able to specify the default document for a directory. You could display a page with the URL, but URL would return the 404 page. There were ways around it (e.g. Azure Functions proxy), but it felt too cumbersome. With the introduction of Static Website in Azure Storage, this limitation is gone and I'd like to explore this feature and move my blog to Azure.

Filtering OSM data with SpatialLITE

I'm a big fan of the OpenStreetMap project, so when I released the first version of the SpatialLITE library last week, classes for working with OpenSteetMap data couldn't be missing in the project. Right now the library supports OSM XML files (without compression) and OSM PBF files, both for reading as well as writing. And how can you work with OSM data? How does SpatialLITE library compare with other tools in terms of speed? Let's find out